Monday, March 22, 2010

Gladys Knight and the SUV Choir!

YES! I was able to see this DIVA perform last night!

She brought her amazing Saints Unified Voices aka SUV choir with her!

This is Loni and I with two of the choir members, our dear sweet niece Rosie and handsome Tupua! They are 1st cousins and talent runs deep in their family! They treated us like VIP!!! We sure did appreciate the LOVE you showed us!

I wish my whole family was there to feel the sweet Spirit and to hear the beautiful singing that the choir and Gladys Knight did! The most impressive part of the whole program were the testimonies borne by her and her husband. They have a deep understanding of the true gospel of Jesus Christ and they are spreading His word all over the world!

I would encourage anyone to go to one of their free fireside performances but, I will have to warn you to get their early because the line was wrapped around the building and it is like that every performance!

My favorite songs sung last night were, "I am a Child of God", a stirring solo sung by the queen of the night, and she put so much love and feeling into it that my emotions got the very best of me and the tears flowed freely from that moment on! The Christian favorite "Tomorrow" and "Kanaka Wai Wai"!

A big thanks to Rosie for making this happen! I love you girl!


bigsamoant said...

HAHAHA! I'm SO TALL!!! Great seeing you ladies there. Thanks for spreading the excitement and Spirit of this choir on your blog. The whole world needs to experience this gospel music and soul in our church. Muchas Alofas...T

VEEYAH said...

Now that is some NEAT NEAT stuff! I'm sure it was just AMAZING!

Unknown said...

Hey sis, sorry my phone has been out of commision but anyway Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, It is slow motion when I am in school but when I am out of school life and time is flying by. love you and Loni and all of your family in NC. I may make it on Jan 14 for part two of the wedding if I can work something out because school start on the 9th. WORD