Wednesday, April 21, 2010

NOT a family update....hahaha! yeah right!

Sorry, I didn't mean for this to be a family update...

So much has happened this last month. We have had prom, Cinderella play, Lacrosse, baseball, scouts and everything else in between. This is part of the reason for not blogging as much, we have had a very busy Mar/April!

I have to start this blog by saying just how much I loved general conference. I love hearing from our prophet and apostles and it seems like twice a year isn't enough. I can feel the love that they have for each of us and sometimes feel as if they are looking right through the TV screen right to me, it's like they are saying, "Lyla, this talk is just for you"! I love sitting in my comfy living room with my family eating good food and listening to our general authorities share important messages of our Heavenly Father and Savior, Jesus Christ.

I really enjoyed it because it was Easter, we were able to have Wynnie and her Burke girls over, the missionaries and Jaz, Brooks and babies there. We ate till we couldn't move and then just vegged in front of the TV afterwards!

My Danny turned 19 on April 1st and we are getting his papers done for his mission. We are excited to see where the Lord will send him for two years! He is playing Lacrosse and is enjoying his last year of school with his cousin Clark and girlfriend Emily. He had prom last week and looked BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!! I felt like time was just racing by as I reflected on times when he was a little boy, as I looked at him in his size 44R tux coat! How blessed I am to have a good son like him.

Andi and Spencer have been involved in the play at school. They did the Brandy and Whitney Houston version of Cinderella. Spencer was part of the backstage crew and really enjoyed it and made friends with so many. He bragged a bit on closing night that the director wants him to do it till he's a senior. He is such a good hard worker. I asked him if he ever came out on stage during the play and he told me that yes he does, twice in fact, to put the drawbridge on and then to remove it. he told me, if you look closely you can see the white Nike strip on my shoes! He is so crazy!

Andi played the Fairy Godmother and was superb! I cried the first night and then just grinned from ear to ear the last two nights! She nailed it! She was so perfect for that part and was so OVER THE TOP!!!! I was so proud and grateful that Heavenly Father has blessed her with such a beautiful voice!

John John is back to baseball and is liking it OK so far. He is a bit rusty and it is time to take him back to the batting range. he loves to make us laugh and is still very much a mamas boy...we need to fix this because I sure don't want It to be an issue later in his life.

My Jaz, Loni and Sela are all doing very well and I have come to realize that they are strong, smart, focused and very capable women! I hope I can take some credit for that! I do love and miss them in my home but, I love to hear about things they are doing that are so fun, exciting and great lessons in life for not only them but, for Dan and I.

As you can see, life is the same with slightly new and different experiences and familiar ones just to keep it somewhat normal!

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