Wednesday, May 20, 2009

M. I. A.

Yes I have been MIA and for good reason! No computer at home and only a blackberry to do what I need to do online is too hard!


Sister Nock is in Montana and doing fabulously well! She returns to Temple Square in June! She is happy and working hard and loves being a missionary! We have truly felt the blessings from her service and grateful she is part of the Lord's army!

Sela is home for the summer and brings much laughter and help into our home! She is sassy, funny, beautiful and a peacemaker! Love that she is home!

Danny loved Lacrosse and has earned his Eagle Scout rank! He will receive his award at church on May 31st in Kinston if any of you want to come! He is a Co-Captain for the football team next year and is the secretary in SGA! He is driving all over Kinston and works for the Kinston Indians selling programs and whatever else they want him to sell!

Andi is working at Kinston Indians too and just finished their spring play at school! She is in no rush to drive and will gladly let her siblings (including Spencer) drive her around town!

John John has done remarkebly well in 1st grade and has met his AR goals all year long! He is playing T-ball right now and loves it!

Jaz and the babies are doing good and Donnie and Lyla are growing like weeds! They are so funny and smart and make us smile all the time!

Dan and I are working and the kids, callings and community keep us busy and on our toes!

My mom had surgery last month and is doing well and recovering! She is getting stronger everyday!

Other then that life is life and we go on everyday living it as best we can! I will try to do better on my blog!