Monday, July 19, 2010

The summer is just flying by...

We have just come home from John's second kid pitch game and so far...not so good. However, he is learning to play a new way and after this season is over, he will be used to it. He has always hit so wonderfully off the pitching machines but, the real human pitcher thing...has got him a bit stumped (for now that is)! He looks great in his uniform and tonight he played 3rd baseman and the catcher would never throw him the ball to tag the man out. He just kept running towards anyone there to tag them out and never made it! I'm not gonna lie, it did annoy me after the 10th time he did it.

Baseball seems to be the big thing right now in the family, if we're not watching John play, we are taking Andi and Spencer to work at the Kinston Indians stadium where they work concessions there. They are enjoying it and have the funniest, "Drunk people, groupie and park rats stories" when they come home. The park rat is the typical teenager who is dropped off by their parent to just loaf around with no adult supervision and they usually "hook up" with their bf or gf and act like idiots! The drunks are just plain ol' ridiculous and are always hitting on my daughter! What losers! I may just end up hitting (literally) one of them the next time they want to act like a fool! The groupies are single, older women who go to every game, yes even the away ones and always dance to the song "Jump on it" when its played at the stadium. They think they look sexy and appealing but WE all know better!

Danny's mission papers are finally done and hopefully Bishop and Pres. Hancock will process them this week online! I am so happy we were able to get them done. I am also grateful to everyone who helped us out with the 4 fundraisers to help raise money for Danny's mission! Danny is working part time (very part time) like 1 or 2 days a week for a private club as a fry cook. He also moonlights for anyone at church who needs a big, strong guy to move something heavy. The heavier the item the more $ he gets!

My 3 older girls have such busy lives with babies, school, working and dating that its hard to even try to blog about them w/o taking up too much time. I am proud of Loni Anne and Sela pumping out good grades and being a true Nock when it comes to work! They are so dedicated and hard working, they always seem to make their employers smile! Jaz, Brooks, Donnie and Lyla are fabulous and doing GREAT!

Dan and I are doing what we do best, handling family, church callings, work and extra curricular activities. We have most of it under control and what we don't have under control the Lord does! Life is crazy busy, chaotic, full of adventures and this summer is just flying by...but, I wouldn't have it any other way!