Wednesday, February 25, 2009


I just got off the plane from SLC to JFK and made a pit stop to the restroom. As I was reapplying some make-up, a woman and girl ran into the restroom screaming, "Macy?! Jordan?!" The woman standing next to me just looked at me and together we mouthed, "OH MY GOSH"! As I walked out of the restroom I see the woman crying frantically as she is telling others about it and they join her in her search for the 2 kids. I see her a few minutes later being approached by a plain clothes security man and she was telling him her 2 boys walked into the men's restroom and after awhile they didn't come out so she went in and they were gone! Now, I see all kinds of security people walking around still looking....I stopped and said a silent prayer asking Heavenly Father to please help them find the kids and that they are safe! This is truly my worst nightmare

Monday, February 23, 2009

A Beautiful Temple Wedding!

My nephew Ala got married to a beautiful young lady named Mary Lou just last friday! They were married for time and all eternity in the beautiful and majestic Salt Lake Temple!

There were about 60 of us in the temple to witness the couples special day!

Then about 3 hours later there were about 500 of us at the reception partying, dancing, eating and having way too much fun! I was honored to have emceed the great reception! The talents that were displyed that night were wonderful and it never ceases to amaze me at how talented my family is!

I saw so many members of my amazing Fonua Family and we had a wonderful time together!

My cousin Sela and hubby Sia (Parents of the groom) my favorite cousin!

My handsome nephews and their boys!

Handsome cousin Al with his wife Jen

My Sela Belle dancing the night away!

Dan and I

The little Fonua girls dancing to "Wishin', hopin' and prayin'"! too cute!

But, by far the best part of the day was knowing that two of Heavenly Father's sweet children kept themselves pure and clean to enter this holy place and marry the way that He has asked us to!

Mr. and Mrs. Ala Brown!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Missionaries ROCK!

Sister Nock, Sister Lor and Sister Jones

Sister Jones and Sister Nock

We have been fortunate enough to spend some time with our Sister Nock! First on Monday which was her P-Day. We went to lunch, she took us on a tour of the Beehive House! Which was awesome, she had the right balance of history, humor and of course her testimony which made it a great tour!

Afterwards, we took her and her companion shopping at the local Wal-Mart which was unlike any I have ever seen. It was normal on the inside but it was located in town so it had an upper and lower parking garage. We parked on the upper level and after we brought the groceries Sister Nock took the cart and placed it in an escalator made just for it and we hopped on the other one! I was impressed...can you tell I live in the sticks?!

She took her groceries to her house and then we met her at the conference center and just talked, looked at pictures and listened as she told us of the great importance of her work! She reiterated to me that we need to do all we can to build the kingdom of God on the earth! She is such an amazing missionary!

Yesterday morning Dan and I got to do a session with her in the beautiful Salt Lake Temple and then had breakfast with them and we said goodbye to her so she could report back to her work.

After we left her at Temple Square we met our family back in Eagle Mountain and took our niece Alexis to the MTC (Missionary Training Center)! There were 14 of us there to send off our amazing Sister Jones to serve at Temple Square too! She was radiant and excited to serve the Lord and we were happy and sad to leave her at the MTC! She will be an amazing missionary....I just know it! By the way, it was exactly 28 years to the date that Loni, my sister (Alexis' mom) entered the MTC to serve her mission in Sacramento, Calif.

Now, on to today, we will meet our Sister Nock for a scheduled tour of Temple Square at 1:30! We are excited and ready to see her in action again! I am so grateful for these 2 sweet women in my life that will bless our families so much through their service! My missionaries ROCK!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

The trek west....

begins like this...

Left on Friday morning

Got to Cookeville, Tn. and died...literally just died...

Left at 6:30 am from the hotel and decided no more stopping if we were to make it to Utah by Sunday night!

Stopped in Oklahoma City, Ok. for a Valentine dinner and continued our all night driving with me at the wheel...

By morning we were in Albuquerque, NM

That afternoon we were in Arizona and decided to make a stop at the Grand Canyon!
Beautiful! Breathtaking! We were at the tower pictured below and it was so interesting and wonderful to be able to go! We can't wait to take our kids and Dan's dad there this summer!

Funny thing happened while there, the crows there were as big as chickens and as you can well imagine, they must eat VERY well at this national park. We got back to the car and there was a crow right by the car, so I start video taping him and then Dan throws me 1/2 a cookie and says to throw it to the, I the crow rushes to the cookie and puts it in his mouth, he makes this noise and all of a sudden the sky turns black and it is literally a scene from Alfred Hitchcock's movie, The Birds!!!!!!! they are swooping down all over our car and I am screaming and trying to roll up our window before one of them flies into the car and plucks out an eyeball! It was all caught on video and is quite comical...when I get home I will see if Jaz can upload it for you all to see!

We continued our drive to the Beehive state and finally made it to Eagle Mountain at 9:15 pm to a houseful of nieces, nephews, Loni, mom and Sela!!! What a happy night!

So glad we are here and safe and that it wasn't as long or as hard as the real trek across the plains!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

On the road again!!

So, my hubby and I leave tomorrow morning and make our way across this beautiful country in my mama's Cadillac! YES! folks she got a caddy for Christmas from my sister Loni and Grant! Dan and I get to take it to SLC for her and we are excited for several reasons....

1st we get to be alone for a couple days,

2nd we are driving a caddy cross country (that doesn't need any explanation),

3rd, we are going to see our girls, Sister Nock and Sela,

4th, we are going to hit up some sights along the way,

5th, we are going to take Alexis (Sister Jones) to the MTC,

6th, we are going to the temple and also a temple wedding so we will see TONS of my family!!!! (Ok, maybe I'm a little (LOTS) more excited to see them then he is.

There are so many more but those are definitely the highlights! I will keep you all posted on our trip and will post pictures soon! WHOOOO HOOOO UTAH HERE WE COME!!!!!!!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Coming to UTAH!!!

Hi All, I am so excited to be leaving this friday to go out to Utah!!!! I will actually get to see my daughters Sister Nock and Sela!! My nephew is getting married in the Salt Lake Temple and I am going for that and I am driving my mom's new car out for her! So, to all my Utah friends give me a call and lets do lunch, dinner or whatever!!!! Love you all!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

America what have you done?

What do you all think about the stimulus plan Obama is trying to push through?

How about his choices for his cabinet? And why they keep withdrawing?

The only thing I like about this guy is the fact that he's a Steelers fan...but I think that is ONLY because they campaigned for him....

Sorry Obama fans but this is getting ridiculous and eventually it'll all come out in the wash....just you wait and see...