Friday, December 26, 2008

The voice of an angel!

Well, the one thing I LOVED, LOVED, LOVED about Christmas was having the chance to talk to our missionary!!! She sounds great and really sounded like an angel. She is so happy! She told us she is so grateful for the opportunity to be a missionary at this time! We all (13 of us) talked to her and it brightened everyone's day and mood! After she spoke to everyone individually she asked me to get her dad and go to a quiet room and put the phone on speaker. We did, and then she started to testify to us of the importance of the gospel in her life and, the way in which her life has changed for the better. She expressed her gratitude to us for supporting her while she is serving the Lord! She absolutely loves her new companion and she was so spoiled by our family and ward family and friends with packages and cards! Thanks to all of you for thinking of our girl at this time! Our missionary is healthy, happy and in great spirits! She wants me to tell all of our family and friends that she sends her love and thank-you's to all of you for being so supportive, for the letters and especially for your prayers, she DEFINITELY feels them! I thank you too!!!

Monday, December 22, 2008

Going Private!

Hi all, I have decided after some crazy things have happened to some of my blogging friends that I will finally be going private! I have decided to do this on January 1, 2009. If you want to join me in the private blogging world just let me know!!!! Thanks!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

"All I want for Christmas is"...

A million dollars!!! NBFR! My kids have given me their lists and let me just give you a sampling of what they want!

XBOX 360
Razor Cell Phones
Games for all their video game units
Nintendo DS
Really expensive shoes and clothes
XBOX live cards? (I have no clue what this is)!
Taylor Swift and Jonas Brothers concert tickets!

and more...

Why don't they just ask for world peace...I think that is more do-able at this point! Whatever happened to Barbies and GI Joe's? I remember just dying for a Baby Alive and an Easy Bake Oven! Wow! Life was just so much simpler back in the day...simpler and cheaper! Whatever they end up getting I KNOW they'll appreciate but, I just wish I could give them everything on their lists because they really are great kids and deserve it all! But, they will make do with what they get and I am sure they'll survive! I did!

Sister Toni Kaonohi

Check this blog out! Get your tissues ready and hear about an amazing, strong and beatufiul young lady! My dear friend Snow sent this to me and I am glad she did. When you think your trials are too much to bear and feel like life is overwhelming you just see these stories and say thank-you to Heavenly Father for giving you trials you REALLY can handle!