Wednesday, May 12, 2010


Tonight I am so frustrated! Sometimes, I feel like I'm on the parent battlefield alone! I know that Dan works hard to provide for the family but, sometimes I feel he leaves the rest of the parenting to me...the sucky stuff like, disciplining, dealing w/ heartache and issues, filling out all the forms for whatever is needed...bill paying, grocery shopping etc...Don't get me wrong, he works and works and works, which is awesome! But, I think he just is so tired that he is not motivated to do anything else! That is what is so annoying to me right now! If I am in a "war" with one of the children he calls it my war, well YES it is my war...but, that's ONLY because he refuses to address issues at hand that NEED to be addressed!

I don't even know why I am carrying on like this, I just need to vent I guess! I can't work like he does, it just isn't in my gene pool makeup! And, tonight when he asked me what was wrong, I told him...and then I waited for a reply of any kind...and here's what I got..."I don't know what to tell you"! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I. Am. So. Tired. Of. Hearing. That.!!!!!

I see other men who always seem to have the right words in situations like this and they seem to bring some peace or are able to resolve the issue at hand. Dan doesn't have that gift! And, I'm not gonna lie it is soooooooo bothersome! He NEVER seems to know what to say!

So, in lieu of feeling this about him I decided to go to a blog of my niece in law who is a widow at 33 with 6 little girls and after reading some of her posts and feeling just an iota of pain that she feels in a very real way, everyday of her life now...I've decided to just shut-up and deal with it! (Only after I blog about it)!

I love my husband more then anyone else in the world, he comes with many imperfections, as do I! He is not...

a public speaker
a college graduate
a wealthy man
a savvy business owner
a studly athlete
a GQ model

He is also not...

an abusive man
a man who has eyes for other women
a lazy man
a selfish man
a self righteous man
a show off

He is (just as Starr from the Washington Branch would say) "A GOOD MAN"! He loves me and our children and parents. He tries hard to provide for us and he deals with a crazy, loud, mouthy show off wife! He tells me I am beautiful even when I know better! He thinks I'm sexy (I still don't get that)! He is a good son and son in law! He loves the Lord and tries hard to do right by Him!

I think I feel better now and can go to bed not angry anymore...Thanks Blog World for listening...

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Blog Buddy said...

I can totally relate to this post! My hubby is very similar:/ and to top it all off-he's up north living in an apartment-while I'm down here raising the kids and trying to pack us all up to MOVE. My kids do not want to leave the only town they've ever know. So, I'm the bad parent-asking them to let me live with their dad! *You can bet I need to vent also:) Thanks-I feel better now.